Just think.  You’re getting married in one week.  You’ve scoured the internet reading every wedding blog you can find.  You’ve even discovered unique ideas on bedazzling your tattoo for your wedding day.

But whether you decide to bling up your tattoo or not, may not matter.  Avoiding these 4 things on the other hand –will.    

  1. AVOID Staying up late: If you’re the gal that gets a second wind once the evening hour strikes, now would not be the time to act on it. Fight that burst of energy with every ounce of your body and take your tush to bed! Try to get to bed at least 15-30 minutes earlier each day, the week leading up to your wedding.  Lack of sleep causes emotional stress and the inability to focus, just to name a couple.  You have enough on your plate at this time, certainly you don’t need any additional stress or strain nor do you need the extra dark circles and baggage showing under your eyes.   


  1. AVOID Forgetting to Break in your Wedding Shoes: You tried them on at the store, they fit perfectly so you took those boxed up bad boys and ever so gently placed them in the back of your closet until the big day.  Wrong!  The last thing you want to do when it comes to your wedding shoes is put them away until the wedding.  You’ll be doing a huge amount of walking and let’s not forget dancing.  Wedding shoes are not comfy –they weren’t made to be; so the best way to make them bearable is to put them on every opportunity you can, the week of the wedding and strut through the house to break them in. 


  1. AVOID Getting a New Facial Treatment: If your skin is accustomed to mud masks and you decide to switch it up for your big day there’s always the possibility of it being a big regret.  Redness and irritation oh my! My advice is to stay far away from any skin treatments during your wedding week you have not tried previously. 


  1. AVOID Forgetting to put on your shapewear: Waist trainers, shapewear and other slimming garments really have become a part of the official “must haves” for your wedding day.  In fact, they’re extremely common to wear under your wedding gowns so much so, that most gowns actually have the shapewear sewn into them.  But similar to the “wedding shoes” rule you don’t want to disregard your shapewear until the “Big” day.  You’ll want to wear your waist trainer all week long and even all month.  Actively combat bloating, belly fat and poor posture, not to mention, look fabulous on your wedding day and every day of the year –just grab your waist trainer.

What is a waist trainer?

A waist trainer is a large belt-like device that clips around the waist to be used in the process of disciplining the natural waist size to be reduced.  This garment is also known for accentuating the hips and buttocks thus, allowing an exaggerated hourglass shape of a tiny waist and hips that curve out.  It’s kind of like your grandma’s girdle –on steroids!

Where can I get a waist trainer from?

There are hundreds of places that offer waist trainers; but it’s important to know not all waist trainer merchants are created equal.  Here at the Pinkroom, we work with well-established overseas companies that continue to provide us with the best products in the market of shapewear products. 

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