You’ve recently given birth and your figure doesn’t quite look the way it did in your pre-baby days.  Perhaps you’ve had a few babies and are looking to recoup the figure that was, prior to your stomach being stretched out like a watermelon; or maybe you are soon to give birth, but you’ve chosen to be proactive in an effort to get your figure back once baby is born.  Need I say: this blog is for you.

It doesn’t matter what stage of post-pregnancy you’re currently in.  It doesn’t matter if you gave birth 5 years ago, 10 years ago or if this is your first, fifth or tenth child (yes I said tenth).  The good news is: you CAN get your figure back and much of it can be done instantaneously.

Many years ago when I gave birth to my first child, my grandmother came by to visit the baby and me.  With her many years of wisdom, she was kind enough to grace me with expert advice on caring for my baby, being a good mother and getting back my pre-pregnancy figure.

Grandma told me to wear a girdle.  She sat on the edge of my leather sofa with her glasses and gray hair and explained why it was necessary.  She said that within time, a girdle would bring me back to the frame I had prior to having my baby.  Even back then, I scoffed at the thought of sporting a girdle.  To me girdles were…well…so grandmotherly.  I loved my grandmother; she was very much admired and respected by me.  But...well…I was a new mother, not a grandmother.  I wanted something attractive, yet innovative and effective at shedding the post-pregnancy weight.  I didn’t want to have to wear a girdle.  I knew there had to be an alternative to shrinking my waist after baby; but I didn’t know what that was. 

Luckily nowadays, there IS an alternative.  For new mommies, it’s a dream come true. For the rest of us, it’s the intelligent response to a modern day woman’s (and man’s) desire to have an hourglass figure.  It sculpts, forms, and compresses the extra skin that hangs post pregnancy, and helps to get rid of the extra (baby) weight.  It’s called a waist trainer –it’s like your grandmother’s girdle…on steroids.  Not only is it 10 times more powerful at shrinking your waist than the traditional girdle, but it’s much more pleasing to look at, as well. And while the waist trainer is an ingenious method to quickly shedding those post-pregnancy pounds and allowing a new mother to take back her pre-pregnancy figure; it’s effectiveness is not limited to new mommies alone–it’s perfect for everyone!