August 13 2018

What brand should I buy?

The Pink Room (www.inthepinkroom.coma global distributor of surgical garments, shapewear and surgical supplies recommends the brand Melibelt because the garments have a unique blend of vitamins and micro anti-bacterial components infused into the material of the garment. This is a perfect combination for the treatment and healing of the skin while providing super compression. When it is the only Colombian Faja Patented in The  United States  and with a special BBL design for After Plastic Surgery

What style should I get?

Choose either the Alisum Fajas Melibelt or Gaia Fajas Melibelt - Mid-thigh and/or Amastista Fajas Melibelt - Above the knee style. These are excellent options as they are designed with the adjustable hooks as opposed to a zipper. You will be getting smaller very quickly and so the hooks will give you the capability of making the garment tighter as your body rids itself of inflammation and molds itself into its new amazing hourglass shape. Stay away from the panty style garment as it blocks the lymphatic system's ability to drain the fluid/inflammation from your body.

What size should I buy?

You should purchase the size that you would wear now, prior to surgery. I know that this sounds crazy but here's the reason - the fat that is removed via LIPOSUCTION will be replaced by inflammation and swelling.

How do I get my discount?

The Pink Room has graciously extended a 20% discount on my behalf to you. Thank you for allowing me to partner with you while on your transformative journey!

Enter the coupon name of: DominicanLovely20 at checkout!

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