Mistakes when Buying Shapewear!

In the world of foundation garments you can find incredible pieces for every single need, and occasion, from waist cinchers, body shapers to compression socks and face garments. The purpose of shapewear is not only smooth your figure, but also give support where is needed and boost confidence! Using different compression levels, each garment helps smooth out some areas and increase circulation, shave off a few inches and generally give you a smoother, more defined silhouette. Nonetheless, it is vital to look for a trustful shapewear company you can rely on to avoid general mistakes when buying shapewear. 

  • Consider what you’ll be wearing it with before buying, it's important to know what part of your body you want to enhance to choose the right garment, and when you want to wear it. 
  • When buying a body shaper the general mistake that a lot of people make is trying to go down a dress size. Remember that a small shapewear will not make you look "slimmer"; rather they will just feel "uncomfortable". So stick to your true size! is one of the secrets of choosing your Faja. 
  • Before attending special occasion try on the shapewear at home. If it's a very important event such as your wedding day please wear your shapewear beforehand around the home, so you feel as comfortable as possible on your big day!
  • Make sure to get the right size! The garment shouldn’t dig into your body or make it difficult to breathe or sit down, if this is the case, you’re wearing shapewear that is too small. On the other hand, the garment shouldn't be too loose or fold when sitting or walking around. It sounds kind of messy, that's why you should visit specialty stores in shapewear with certified fitter personnel who can assist you with your size. 


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