Halloween is quickly approaching and while you’re trying to drum up the perfectly creepy, cool, sexy Halloween costume to wear –here at the Pink Room, we thought we’d give you some really awesome ideas using some of the sexiest celebs and their costumes. All of these costumes can be worn with any of our slimming garments –this includes our corsets, waist trainers, bustiers or other compression garments.

1. Gorgeous Poison Ivy



Using your waist trainer as the focal point –you’ll want to pair it up with a green mini dress. Add a long red wig, include some of your favorite accessories and don’t forget the green leaves.

2. A Sexy and Gracious Heavenly Angel



All eyes will be on you as you drift into the party wearing this amazing piece. It’s classy looking but simple enough to piece together in no time at all. Simply start with your waist trainer and a white bodysuit. Add the wings, halo and long elegant white gloves –there you have it.

3. The Lovely Sensual Queen of Hearts



If you’re looking for something a bit more tedious, then you may want to consider this costume. Using your waist trainer of course, you’ll want to add a black mini skirt, a pink wig and a crown. Let’s not forget the hearts. The Queen of hearts can never have too many.

4. Sexy Halloween Wench



Just like all the other costumes, this one you can customize exactly to your style. You’ll need your waist trainer, a mini ruffled skirt, a wig (optional), high heels and your choice of accessories.

5. A Naughty Devil



Starting with a red sequined dress and your waist trainer underneath, grab some horns and a few other unique accessories to make it your own.

6. Wonder Woman



Everyone loves a super hero! Especially a beautiful one! This amazing costume will be as sexy on you as it is on Jenny McCarthy. Using your waist trainer, you’ll want to build your costume around the colors red, white and blue.

7. Sexy Red Riding Hood



This costume is everything! All it takes is your waist trainer, a red mini dress and a red jacket with a hood along with some red heels. Keep in mind: just because you don’t have to walk to the woods and go to Grandma’s house doesn’t mean you won’t run into any wolves –so watch out in this sexy number!

8. Glamour Girl Marilyn Monroe



In your quest to find sexy costumes, why not consider dressing like one of the most impressionable woman to have ever walked this earth –Marilyn Monroe. The great thing about this costume is, it’s loaded with tons of sensuality yet very much uncomplicated. A white dress similar to the one in the picture, should be worn over your waist trainer for pure perfection.

9. Sexy Fairy



All you need to be as beautiful as a fairy is your waist trainer, wings and a mini dress –any color you like.

10. Sexy French Maid



This wonderful costume is a little more detailed then some of the others but certainly well worth the time and effort put forth. A black and white mini dress worn over your waist trainer, corset or bustier along with fishnet stockings, a lace trim French maid hat and black heels completes this ensemble.

We hope these10 celebrity-inspired costumes will generate a multiplicity of ideas for you as you choose the costume of your choice and make it your own. Enter the party through the front door or even through the back but however you do it –make sure it’s an entrance they’ll never forget.

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