It doesn't matter how sexy your dress is; how much those jeans hug your rump, or even how sleek and smooth that pair of leggings clings to your waist –if your booty is flat, nothing...not any article of clothing will ever look right. Can you relate? 

Perhaps you suffer from "flat as a pancake ass. 

The struggle is real for so many. Buttock augmentation surgery will help but not everyone has the funds for this costly procedure. Not to mention the tolerance to deal with the pain of post- operative healing and that's just the tip of the iceberg! Perhaps your butt is not completely flat but still you could use a little plumping back there. Well then, these tips are for you 

Here I present 5 all natural, organic ways to enhance your backside: 

  1. Eating Fats:  Adding fat into your diet is essential if you're trying to plump up your bum. Not just any kind of fat but the good kind. Fats like nuts, extra virgin olive oil and peanut butter will not only keep you healthy and feeling energized but will also help in rounding out your backside quite nicely. 
  2. Daily Booty Plumping Exercises:  Everyone thinks in order to fatten your bottom it's necessary to do squats, squats and more squats. Yea squats are good but they're not the only exercise that'll give you booty pumping results.  There are a thousand different kinds of squats you can incorporate into your regimen –squat pulse and squat kicks are just a couple. There's also exercises like donkey kicks, kick backs and my personal favorite lunge walking (performing a quick search on YouTube will show you the proper way to perform each exercise)
  3. Get your protein:  Protein shakes, chicken breasts, eggs and tuna are just a few ways you can effortlessly add protein into your daily diet. Protein is essential in order to expand your bum bum. The best time to consume it?  Right after your (butt) workout. 
  4. Throw away the baggy jeans: When you hear of jeans being comfortable, you may think this means they should fit with a bit of roominess. On the contrary, jeans should always be slightly tough to slip on and should most certainly require a bit of effort. This may seem like common sense but you'd be surprised just how many of us –similar to bras–are wearing the wrong size. ( Look for a Butt lifter Jeans that will work like a bra for your behind)
  5. Shrink your waist to make your butt larger: Did you know that shrinking your waist makes your butt appear bigger? That’s right. Unfortunately, your body doesn’t have the magic ability to select target areas of where to lose weight.  When you lose tummy fat, you also lose weight everywhere else. This is where garments specifically designed to shrink your waist come into effect. And there are a wide variety of them! There are waist trainers, corsets, shapewear and other compression garments.  There’s also something called the Powernet Sexy Topless Short Garment –which flattens your tummy not your booty, while giving you added comfort and style under your clothes!

Where can I get a Butt Lifter Panty  or other compression garment? 

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