Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 5 years, you’ve probably heard of a waist trainer.  You know those nifty little contraptions that you put around your waist and they magically make your muffin top disappear?  They’re also referred to as waist cinchers, body shapers and/or shapewear but no matter what you call them, they pretty much serve the same purpose and that is to make you look fabulous.

So with that benefit in itself of this amazing product you may wonder why I hate them.  Well I’ll tell you!

  1. My waist trainer has caused me to lie about my workout routine! It keeps me looking slim and fit so much so that I’ve stopped going to the gym. When I was a gym rat people would say “My you look so fit and amazing. You must work out every day” and me, I would respond “Why yes, yes I do.”  I no longer go to the gym but my body still looks amazing so now when people approach me they tell me how fabulous I look and then they usually follow up by saying “you must work out every day” and that’s when I usually say “Yup that’s me…working it out….working it out .There I am lying about going to the gym –which brings me to reason number 2 of why I hate waist trainers 
  2. I used to work out faithfully but not anymore.  I have shapewear for every day of the week –so why go to the gym when the figure I’ve always desired is right there in my body shaper?
  3. My waist trainer curbs my appetite.  That’s right you read correct.  Even if I try to overeat, my waist shaper won’t let me.  It shrinks my tummy, suppressing it; thus allowing me to feel more full.  I eat less food then I normally would eat which causes me to lose weight.  This becomes a problem when I don’t have room for that chocolate cake I want so bad. Thanks a lot waist trainer
  4. When I wear my waist trainer I attract way too much attention.  Shapewear takes my clothes to an extreme level of sexy! Therefore, wearing that spandex dress in my closet or the skater skirt with my favorite turtle neck or even an old tee with my favorite pair of comfy jeans causes crazy attention! There’s nowhere for me to hide when I’m wearing my waist trainer! My waist trainer makes my body look perfect and people can’t help but notice!
  5. The last reason I hate waist trainers is because many celebrities wear them.  Stars like Jessica Alba, Iggy Azalea and all the Kardashian ladies are constantly sporting these magnificent garments that suck in their waist, improve their posture and turn their figure into hourglass perfection.  Celebrities already have fame, the best hairstylists and riches –why do they get to have perfect bodies without skipping meals and doing sit-ups? Soooo not fair!

Just in case you’re wondering where you can get a waist trainer from?

I’ll tell you there are hundreds of stores and sites that offer them.  It’s important to know not all waist trainer merchants are created equal.  But here at the Pink Room, we work with only the best companies overseas that continue to improve their products by knowing what their customers want and need.

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