1. Get More Sleep:  Lack of sleep causes your body to crave If this is accurate then getting more rest will cause your body to crave less.  All too much we underestimate the power of good old-fashioned sleep. A study done by the University of Colorado involved 23 men and women spending 2 nights in a sleep lab.  After approximately 8 hours of sleep, the next morning, they measured how much their desire was for certain foods.  About a week later, they returned to the lab and stayed up all night. Once again, their cravings were measured but this time their cravings were off-the-chart high.  The reason behind this is because lack of sleep disturbs our brainwaves and keeps us from making informed decisions.  
  1. Drink More Water:  Tummy grumbling? Are you sure you’re even hungry?  Maybe you're actually just thirsty.  In one study done by the journal "Physiology & Behavior" they indicated 60 percent of the time people respond to thirst by eating! 60 percent!!!This means most of the time our bodies are craving water and we are responding by reaching for food.  Have you ever woken up in the morning famished for bacon and eggs?  Try drinking water and watch your hunger subside.  In addition to minimizing your appetite, drinking 1/4 of our body weight in water upon wakening in the morning, becomes a wonderful detox by naturally flushing our system of impurities.  Give it try it.
 3.  Spice  Up Your Meals :  By adding cayenne pepper and you’ll effortlessly burn fat. Cayenne pepper is thought to curb your appetite, burn calories and speed up metabolism. The magic ingredient in cayenne is called capsaicin which is a thermogenic chemical, researchers believe carries the advantages in speeding up metabolism and contributes to weight loss.  Of course there's usually a caveat in something that appears to be too good to be true and consuming cayenne pepper for weight loss is no different.  That caveat is- steady us of the spice over time will cause your body to get used to the spice thus becoming immune to it which of course means you will no longer reap the benefits of burning fat by this means.

4.Snack More: On fruits and raw veggies. Fruits and vegetables contain lots of fiber so they can satisfy your 3:00 hunger craving just as much as a slice of banana bread.  The fruits and veggies will keep you fuller longer, won't weigh you down and won’t add fat.

 5.Wear a Waist Trainer:  Also known as a waist cincher, shapewear, corset or compression garment -it helps to reduce your appetite when you wearing it, and help to sweat more around your waist. High profile celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Iggy Azalea, Ciara, Jessica Alba, Amber Rose and a host of other  celebs wear them continually to maxime their workout routine at the gym.

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