Valentine’s Day is coming up! And you know what that means? It means it’s time for chocolate covered strawberries and conversation hearts and all sorts of red and pink! I love red and pink!!!

But the most important thing is -Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to show off your sexiness. That’s right. Your sexy’s been trying to make an appearance all winter long but you’ve kept it under wraps, haven’t you? After all, what would be the purpose in showing your “sexy” off at the office or revealing your “sexy” in the produce department at the supermarket?

And while showing your “sexy” in the bedroom is always nice, the kind of “sexy” I’m talking about is the kind you show off when your “Boo” is taking you to dinner or you let loose for a night out on the town. Sporting a corset, waist trainer or other compression garments happen to be the perfect way to transform your figure and bring out your “sexy.”

And if you’re looking to combine sexy, fashionable and amazing- all rolled into one, then you’ll be happy to know we have some unique ideas for you:

  1. For a sultry, yet classy look, try pairing up your corset with a long skirt -one that flairs out a bit, and has a hint of lace peeking out underneath. You’re sure to be a showstopper in thissss.
  2. For a more formal look, wear your corset over a dress. When selecting this number be mindful that the dress you choose isn’t too loose thus causing the fabric to puff up too much. If that’s the case, you’ll spend the evening, paying too much attention to your clothes in order to keep them from malfunctioning. Instead, go for a more simplistic dress allowing the corset to be the focal point of your outfit. You’ll look stunningly stylish and elegant in this selection.
  3. For a delightfully charming look, wear a lace corset with an above-the-knee tulle. Complete the outfit by adding some heels and a few much-needed accessories. You got this!
  4. For a casually cool look that offers a lil bit of tease, slip on a jacket over your corset, allowing it to peek out from underneath. You can choose either a leather; denim or a fur lined jacket depending on which would integrate best with your ensemble. You’ll be sure to wow them all.
  5. For a more laid-back look while keeping it chic, you can combine a corset with a pair of jeans or leather pants. You cannot go wrong with this look. Whether you’re going to dinner, clubbin’ or sipping margaritas on a cruise, this outfit is no brainer. Do you Girlfriend!

No matter which one of the above outfit you choose, you’re winning. Wearing a corset from The Pink Room keeps your figure looking snatched -like going to the gym is your full-time job and you haven’t even been in 6 months -maybe 6 years.

Don’t believe it?

We invite you to come on by The Pink Room and give us the opportunity to change you into a believer.

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At The Pink Room, we’ll be sure to have you all set and ready for V-Day! Come on in or call us and prepare to unveil your sexxxxxxy!