The holiday season is upon us! It truly is a joyous time of the year. A time to gather with family and friends; to eat, to laugh and to be merry but when it’s all over, how do you avoid the regret that comes with feasting on way too much of a good thing?

Have I got solutions for you.

You’ve heard the tips to avoid gaining weight –heck! That’s pretty much how you’ve lived your life every holiday season and yet, you still manage to gain a few pounds here and a few pounds there; and by New Years, you’re usually about 5 pounds heavier. Five pounds every year equates to 25 pounds in 5 years. Don’t do it my friend. Take action now by trying these 5 wonderful and effective tips to keep the holiday weight off. You can thank me for it later.

1. Know what a serving is:

Thanksgiving doesn’t mean you can load up on each food like you’re eating the last supper. Not only is one plate enough, but if you refuse to be cognizant of food portions, then you may very well pile two and three servings onto that one plate. That’s when it becomes a problem. Remember one serving of mac & cheese is equivalent to one cup. Make it a point to select 4-5 of your favorite foods for that one plate at just one serving for each one of them.

2. Pick your foods carefully:

Not all foods served up on holidays are bad. Try to stick with the veggies and meats while avoiding breads, and too many of the other starches for the obvious reasons. Also try to stay away from too many dairy foods. Consuming too much dairy in one day means an overload of lactose –which can irritate your gut and throw off your digestive system in the days, and weeks ahead.

3. Watch out for salty foods:

Turkey isn’t so bad until you pile on the gravy, which is packed with sodium. Stuffing is also loaded with sodium and let us not forget mac & cheese and most hors doevres. Too much sodium means your body will retain more water causing undesirable effects such as swelling in your stomach, hands, legs and feet. Minimizing those salty foods can help you to avoid the headaches long after the holidays are over –literally!

4. Detox your body:

Once the holidays have ended and your leftover feasts have disappeared from your fridge, it’s time to consider an effective cleanse to flush out your system. Just like your car needs an oil change, your body needs something similar. Cleanse your system so that your body can get a fresh start. Opt for clean, healthy foods to go into your system and alter your eating habits so that you can continue to drop the weight.

 5. Wear a waist trainer:

Waist trainers and other shapewear are designed not only to make you look super-fabulous on Thanksgiving as you grace the door of your in-law’s house; but it’s also perfect for helping you to eat less. That’s right! Eat less. Believe it or not the slight pressure that comes from wearing your shapewear actually compresses your abdomen, significantly reducing your appetite and causing your tummy to feel fuller while consuming much less (weight loss), so head on over to your nearest Pinkroom or shop online at www.inthepinkroom.com.

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And enjoy the holidays ahead!