Dear Santa,

I would like a nice round butt and a flat stomach for Christmas. Please don’t mix them up like you did last year.



What is it that you would like for Christmas?  A newly renovated kitchen? Some extra money in your bank account? Or perhaps a shiny red sports car?

Well not me.  I’ll take a great figure (and good health) any day over materialistic things and why not?

If you feel good about yourself, you’ll feel motivated to accomplish more, eat healthier, live better and excel in any and all areas of your life!

But why ask Santa for the items on your wish list, and why wait, when you can simply get exactly what you want and get it right now?

How can I get an awesome figure without daily vigorous exercise?

By the use of waist trainers, other tummy control garments and/or butt lifters, just about any woman on the planet can instantly transform her figure into the body she’s always desired. Yes, we can all have a terrific figure with a flat stomach; a plump, round rump and amazing breasts.

What’s even more appealing is through the dedicated use and wear of these garments, over time your body will begin to mold itself and change into the curvaceous figure that’s hidden underneath –no exercise required.

 Where’s the best place for me to get shapewear and butt lifters?

There are hundreds of stores and sites that offer shapewear, waist trainers and control garments but it’s important to know not all shapewear merchants are created equal.   Here at The Pink Room (  we offer a large variety of shapewear, butt lifters, tummy control garments, padded underwear, mens’ shapewear and more!

What exactly is The Pinkroom?

The Pinkroom (  is a fresh new shapewear company that’s been in business since 2008.  We have a strong commitment to bring the best style, variety and quality products to our customers so that we can offer products crafted of natural and synthetic fabrics; products that provide an exceptional level of comfort and support.

Visit our New Jersey Stores

We have patient, knowledgeable associates who are ready to assist you with finding the right garments to transform your figure!

Feel free to stop by our store.  We have 2 great locations, just minutes away from the heart of New York City or you can visit our site where you can conveniently shop from the comfort of your home.  We accept all major credit cards and we ship your item very quickly so that you can receive it –just in time for your holiday party, highschool reunion, cousin’s wedding or just plain ol’ looking fabulous in your jeans!

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Are you a guy or a girl looking to obtain the perfect figure?

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