Union, NJ – For the first time ever, there’s a new day that’s sweeping the nation!  It’s a day to be recognized for both men and women, young and mature – those who are weight conscious and those who are looking to gain control of their figures.   

August 10th is now officially National Shapewear Day!   

National Shapewear Day continues in the right direction for The United States – as a country we are making conscious efforts every day to maintain better health and look our best.  Whether the goal is to shed a few pounds or add some curves, men and women everywhere can benefit from the large variety of shapewear products on the market.   

Maria  Sparacio , owner of The Pink Room, has been passionate about shapewear products ever since she was a teen.  For many years, Maria has helped thousands of women and men by offering quality shapewear products that help shed fat, and accentuate figures.  But aesthetic results are not the only benefits that shapewear products offer, as they are also used to provide medical compression to patients after having surgical procedures such as tummy tucks, liposuction, and other forms of abdominoplasty.  In fact, shapewear products have been so helpful in assisting thousands of women (and men) in the healing process that many physicians actually recommend shapewear garments post-surgery when used in accordance with their supervision.

Even when choosing to not have surgery and following a more holistic option to tighten tummies and enhancing curves, shapewear is an effective method to aid in meeting your objectives.  So, when it comes to achieving that shape you are striving for, let shapewear products help you reach your goals; it’s now a nationally recognized day and ever so worthy of that achievement!   

Happy National Shapewear Day! 

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