February 14 2017 - The Benefits of Curves and How to Get them

We’ve all seen it.  You know; that television scene when the curvaceous woman walks by the man standing at the bus stop and his eyeballs jump right out of the sockets. I learned from a very young age while watching cartoons; Tom & Jerry to be exact.  I saw how Tom the cat reacted when the curvy kitty walked by. It was enough to peak my curiosity even before I knew what curves were; but at that moment I caught a glimpse of real life and how hourglass curves are never to be ignored…by anyone.

In fact, in addition to looking fabulous, there are other benefits to having a curvy hourglass figure:

  • A healthier heart: A study done by Harvard Medical School indicated a curvy figure correlates with a healthy heart since subcutaneous fat (the same fat that’s found in women’s hips) may very well protect against heart disease.
  • Minimizes the risk of diabetes: Women who have bigger backsides tend to have lower cholesterol levels and are more inclined to generate hormones that metabolize sugar.  It is for this reason these types of women are less at risk to develop diabetes.
  • Longer life expectancy: Additional studies done by universities in California and Pittsburgh found that women who have larger derrieres, smaller waists and wider hips may live longer.

The benefits of having an hourglass shape far outweigh being round or even rail thin.  But how do you get those healthy (looking) curves?

Well first you should recognize what curves are.  Understand an hourglass figure means a waist to hip ratio must be 0.7 or a waist that measures 70% of the hip’s circumference.

The trick is to:

Increase your breasts:  Taking fennel seed or flaxseed will plump up your breasts and fill them out.  You can also take raw ovarian glandular supplements but only take one. (Very Important:  check with your doctor prior to taking any of the mentioned supplements and do not mix)

Increase your butt:  Consuming quinoa or maca is sure to pump up your bum bum.  You can also take puerifica mirifica which comes in a pill form and does the trick as well (make sure to check with your physician first). 

Shrink your waist:  The single most effective way to take inches off your waist immediately is to wear a waist trainer.  Wearing a waist trainer:

  • Allows you to sweat out unnecessary water weight from your body.
  • Restricts your body so it begins to conform to an hourglass shape.
  • Enhances your workouts: while workouts are not required, if you decide to incorporate exercise into your routine, you’ll find the waist trainer will intensify those workouts, causing your tummy to shrink quicker. 
  • Decreases your waist: Up to 3 sizes! The three hook design shrinks waist up to 2-3 sizes.  (individual results may vary)
  • Immediately takes 3-4 inches off your waist! Built in bones decreases the size of your waist instantly. Try it and see! 

 Where can I get a waist trainer?

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