I’ve got a song for you. Let’s all sing along to the tune of "Let it snow":

Your midsection bulge is frightful but the food's been so delightful.

And if you have somewhere to go (Like a holiday party)

Then your abdomen fat is a NO!

I’m sure you know the rest of the tune. It has to do with an upcoming holiday party and the difficulties of squeezing into the perfect dress because you are unhappy with the way your tummy protrudes or maybe your figure is slightly fuller than it was a few years ago.

Your company holiday party is 2 weeks from now and you’re desperate to look like you stepped off the Hollywood red carpet...Hey, you'll even settle for halfway fabulous on a living room area rug.

In fact, you're so desperate to look good; you're actually considering a crash diet. Let’s be real though, if you’re anything like me, the only crashing you’ve ever succeeded at, is when your head hits the pillow right before you go to sleep.

So how can you quickly shed a few inches off your waistline just in time for your holiday shindig?

You'll be thrilled to know I have solutions for you. Solutions that require NO crash dieting, NO hardcore exercises and NO magic pills; and quicker than you can say "I will not be mistaken for a red velvet muffin when I wear my crimson dress"

Shazam! It’s done!

Look Slim & Sexy

1. Get the skinny on shoes: Wear pointy toe shoes with skinny heels:

Doing so makes your legs look much slimmer and sexier. Choose at least a 2 inch heel with tapered toes. It gives the illusion of adding length to thighs, thus slimming your figure as a whole. Square toe shoes with chunky heels make your legs appear chunkier…um…that’s not the look we’re going for.

2. Bare it all:

On your neckline that is. Wear a dress that allows your neckline to be exposed down to your cleavage giving the appearance of an upside down triangle in that area. It's that triangular element which draws the focal point away from your midsection to your neckline giving the image of a longer, slimmer you. Pure genius.

3. Choose your Hues carefully:

If you've decided to wear pants or a pantsuit, try to match the bottom and top with the same shade of colors. Doing so creates a vertical apparition to the eyes - making you appear slimmer. Similar to how vertical stripes make you appear slimmer but horizontal stripes create the opposite effect.

4. What you wear under your clothes is essential:

80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra. That can negatively impact the way your clothes look. Your boobs may sag, lacking lifting and shaping with the wrong size bra.

The same goes for your panties. Panties that are too small create a bulge around your butt and hips. Visible panty lines create bulkiness. Opt for G-strings, thongs or seamless underwear to prevent these fashion faux-pas looks.

5. Instantly photoshop your figure:

With body slimming garments offered by The Pink Room. The Pink Room offers one of the largest selections in Shapewear and body slimming garments. Their products allow your figure to be the absolute best it can be by smoothing out bulkiness, comfortably drawing in your waistline and accentuating your breasts and butt.

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Show up and show out at your holiday office party just by walking through the door. And don't forget to watch everyone’s jaws drop as you take off your coat.

Oh and one last word of advice: with all the sexiness you'll be oozing as you sport amazing curves in your crimson dress, you may want to stay at least 10 feet away from the bar whenever creepy Connor from Accounting is there.

Cheers and please share this blog.