The question was asked and you said “yes”!   

Or maybe you popped the question and the love of your life said “yes”!   It really doesn’t matter who popped the BIG “Q”.  All that matters now is you have to do what you can to make your special day…well…special.  A huge part of making that day so magnificent is going to be how amazing you look walking down the aisle. 

Of course there are so many other things you’ll want to concern yourself with –bigger things.  Like how to keep Uncle Jack from drinking too much pink bubbly at your reception –after all, his burping sounds are probably louder than an air horn sounding off on Mars. And don’t forget you have to keep your great Cousin Marietta from doing the Chicken dance –the last time she did it (at the family reunion), she elbowed poor Uncle Jack in the chin sending him soaring across the buffet table and he ended up having to get 18 stiches!  


With that being said, you have enough to worry about.  Whether the wedding is one year or even just one week away, slimming down in time for the big day almost never goes without stress –until now that is. I promise you these 3 tips are not only easy but they are guaranteed to have you looking slimmer and more fantastic in no time at all! 

Tip #1: 

Contrary to popular belief, there are foods you can eat to assist your body with shedding weight.  Raspberries, avocados, artichokes and pickles are just a few but there is one food that helps to minimize bloating and keeps your digestive track running super smooth –its asparagus. Asparagus is a natural diuretic when steamed in hot water and adding some lemon spritz; but please don’t add any oil nor any sauces. 

Tip #2: 

Try not to skip meals:  Skipping meals does more harm than good. It also increases your chances of snacking and confuses your body into retaining the weight rather than losing it.  Instead have 3 healthy meals each day starting with the most important meal –breakfast and ending just before 7:00 with dinner.  If you choose to snack, keep emergency snacks on hand like nuts and fruit, protein shakes and baked chips every now and then. 

Tip #3:  

If there were one single simplest, quickest, smartest advice I could bestow upon any bride-to-be about how to slim down before the big day, it would be to get her hands on a waist trainer.  A waist trainer is essential for the BIG day and for every day after.  A waist trainer will help her to continue keeping her life partner engaged in her emotional and intellectual aspects AND keep him intrigued with her wonderful physique for many, many, many years to come. 

What is a waist trainer? 

waist trainer is a large belt-like device that clips around the waist to be used in the process of disciplining the natural waist size to be reduced.  This garment is also known for accentuating the hips and buttocks thus, allowing an exaggerated hourglass shape of a tiny waist and hips that curve out.  It’s kind of like your grandma’s girdle –on steroids! 

Where can I get a waist trainer from? 

There are hundreds of places that offer waist trainers; but it’s important to know not all waist trainer merchants are created equal.  Here at the Pinkroom (INTHEPINKROOM.COM) we work with well-established overseas companies that continue to provide us with the best products in the market of shapewear products.   

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