1. Very rarely is life ever a straight and narrow road. If it is, we can manipulate it.

If you’ve ever taken a road trip, you probably understand what it’s like to travel many different highways.  Some roadways are narrow and straight, others may be bumpy and wide and yet others may be smooth and curvy.  Many times people are built similar to the ways in which roads are built.  Some of us are thin, others are wider and yet others may be a bit curvier.   

We cannot change how wide or narrow the road we travel is, but we CAN change our bodies.  My waist trainer allows me to manipulate my figure so that I can have beautiful curves.  Never mind the fact that I wasn’t born with them.  After diligently wearing my waist trainer, my body has developed into the curvy figure I’ve always dreamt of. 

  1. Celebrities may not always have the best beauty and fashion tips but there are times they nail it! 

Plenty of times celebrities try to push fashion trends, certain foods, drinks and lifestyles in an effort to sell the product(s) they are sponsoring.  I have never been a huge fan of any celeb to religiously follow what he or she does; which is why quite frankly I was surprised when I found out that shapewear, waist cinchers and other compression garments were a huge choice amongst many of them; namely those with perfect figures.  I had already been hooked on my waist trainer when I found out stars like the Kardashians, Iggy Azalea and Jill Scott were all fans of waist trainers and wear them regularly. No wonder they all have gorgeous figures!  

I’m a much happier person when I don’t deprive myself 

Prior to finding out about waist trainers, I used to diet and turn down all kinds of goodies. It made me cranky to curb my appetite; especially not being able to eat cookies which is my favorite!  Fortunately for me, and thanks to my waist trainer, it’s okay tindulge…sometimes.  My waist trainer keeps my stomach intact, which allows me to maintain my figure regardless of my sweet cravings  

I will no longer feel guilty about wanting a great figure 

I used to think that it was superficial of me to want a nice bottom, round breasts and a flat tummy.  Society lead me to believe that I was wrong for desiring these things.  I refuse to be swayed by people who judge me based on what I want for myself.  If I desire a great figure, I can have that…and I won’t feel the least bit guilty about it. After all, it’s my body and no one will shame me for my decisions.  

Don’t be discouraged when one size doesn’t fit all  

There was a time I became discouraged when trying on certain articles of clothing that indicated “one size fits all.”  My 6’0 tall frame was never average enough for those words.  That’s why I was extremely pleased to find out waist trainers come in a variety of sizes.  Whether you are a size 2 or 20; whether you are 4’9 or 6’0 tall like me, waist trainers at The Pinkroom come in all different sizes.  Now there’s no excuse for not having that hourglass figure you’ve always wanted! 

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