Just about every girl envisions arriving to a special event such as her prom, picturing herself gracing the entrance as a soft, luminous glow shines on her from the evening moonlight. The crowd stops and everyone’s jaws drop in awe.  They begin to part from the floor, allowing just enough space for this beautiful young lady to walk through.

The truth of the matter is there will be hundreds of beautiful women at the prom.  Women who have spent hours at the hair salon; spent hours having their face painted; and spent weeks (sometimes months) finding the perfect dress.  There are times when standing out at the prom or any special event requires two key ingredients: a whole lot of desire in not wanting to blend and a great deal of individual creativity.

Here, I have listed some artistic, yet classy ways with just those key ingredients:

  1. Choose a Uniquely colored prom dress:  Basic colors like black, white, pink and cream may be extremely popular and easy when it comes to pairing up key accessories but how about thinking outside the box?  Choose a color such as emerald green, champagne, navy, crimson, or tangerine just to name a few.  Original colors such as those are sure to make your dress stand out in the crowd.
  2. Just like colors, you may want to consider the fabric of your dress.  Stray away from typical prom dress fabrics like silk and rayon.  Instead try something a little out of the ordinary like velvet or a dress covered tastefully in sequins. There’ll no blending in with those.
  3. Think about wearing a form-fitting dress or even a ball gown.  It’s not likely that many (if any) girls will be at the prom in an attention-grabbing classic ball gown, so blending in with everyone else won’t even be an option.
  4. It’s not always about what’s visible that catches the attention of the crowd but more often than not it’s about the garments underneath- those that are not showing. And not all attention is good –right?  For instance, dark panties and a light dress would most certainly draw attention in the wrong way.  

However, a Half Corset garment under your dress would draw your waist in, enhancing your figure to the perfect shape, hence a cause for “good” attention.   While everyone will be at the prom in garments –no doubt that will reveal figures of all sorts; why not physically broadcast your figure to an amazing hourglass shape! Whether you are extremely thin, medium build or even thick, a half corset will improve your figure in a matter of seconds!

Where can I get a one (Half Corset)?

There are hundreds of stores and sites that offer Half Corset; but it’s important to know not all Half Corsets nor Corset merchants are created equal.  Here at the Pinkroom Shapewear, we offer a large variety of shapewear, corsets, waist cinchers, waist trainers and other compression garments.  Our store stands out above the rest because we work with well-established overseas companies that continually improve their products through experience and technology.  

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