Choose Premium Post-Pregnancy Shapewear Garments for Your New Mommy Body

All throughout your pregnancy you have dealt with ever-present changes to your physical self. Your body has expanded, shifted and swelled in areas you did not know existed. Most notably, your stomach, breasts, and thighs have taken on entirely new shapes, sizes and dimensions. Your internal organs have been displaced and are trying to return to their original position within your abdomen as best as they can. Now that you have left the care of the hospital maternity ward and are entering postpartum after giving birth, you simply want to get back to your form while taking care of your newborn baby. This is where The Pink Room shape-wear compression garments come to the rescue! By wearing a garment, you can give your core torso muscles much-needed assistance and support while helping your physique find its natural balance and retaining your curves. The idea time to start wearing a garment is between 0-8 months, but women have reported success with trying a garment for the first time as late as one year after pregnancy. On this website and with our in-store specialists, you can learn more about how shapewear garments will help your postpartum recovery, and you will be able to choose the best compression girdles for your body.

Target Areas for Postpartum Shapewear
When selecting postpartum garments there are three main styles that will affect your target areas:

First, there are garments that snugly, yet comfortably fit the torso for a half or full-body lift. For example, with a body shaper that features a rear lift, you can streamline your torso while giving your buttocks a boost. There is also torso fitting shapewear that extends down the thighs, applying just the right amount of compression to combat cellulite post-pregnancy.

Next, there is shapewear that provides a highly functional correction, for specifically targeted areas of the body, particularly the post-partum belly and mid-section. Front waist cinchers, tummy control girdles, belly bands, and open breast shapers are designed to flatten the tummy and assist with posture correction and maintenance. These garments help control and contain your abdominal walls while your musculoskeletal system realigns itself and you regain core strength and stability. 

Finally, there is shapewear that helps the back region. These types of garments includes waist clincherscorsets and bodysuits. These focus on retraining the waist area and upper back through the use of form-fitting compression materials. Along with providing support, garments that shape the back after pregnancy give new mothers much-needed strength.

Benefits of Compression in Shapewear
High compression garments offer natural contouring without the need for surgery. Additionally, using compression shapewear postpartum helps to reduce the unsightly abdominal bulge resulting from a diastasic rectus. This is a very common condition as a result of separated abdominal muscles and often called a mommy tummy. Using high compression garments assists the abdominal tissue with reconnecting to the muscles.High compression garments also help control the swelling associated with c-sections, hysterectomies, and abdominal surgeries.

For moms who are interested in high compression, the goal is to find garments that offer a snug, yet comfortable fit, which naturally will be smaller in the waist area than the full body post pregnancy garments. High compression helps the body regain its abdominal shape as the muscles reconnect correctly while at the same time helping to shrink the post-partum belly. Body shapers and waist clinchers are constructed with 100 percent natural cotton and hypoallergenic fabric for maximum comfort, breathability, and are perfectly designed for an ideal postpartum fit. These types of shapewear minimize any discomfort through their use of comfortable materials, wick perspiration away from the body, and allow your underlying skin to breathe while being worn. Now that you have an idea of some of the many benefits that post-pregnancy garments can offer, let's talk about some of the top shape-wear products for postpartum.

Waist Cincher
One of the key areas that need to be retrained after pregnancy is the waistline, as this part of your body has been stretched far beyond its normal size and shape. By using a waist cincher for postpartum recovery, you can help your stomach muscles naturally return to their pre-pregnancy form. Additionally, a waist cincher offers much-needed back support for your weakened core muscles until you regain your form. To ensure your comfort and accessibility, choose a waist cincher that is zipper-free. Also, look for a style this is considered high-waisted to avoid the dreaded muffin-top spillover effect. Our shape wear experts will assist you if you are contemplating a waist cincher, as some individuals will have a low tummy after child birth and this particular type of compression garment may not be best suited for you, although there are many other options that will be available for your postpartum garment.

Open Breast Shapers
The second most altered area of the body postpartum is the breasts. You want to help support your tender and swollen breasts whether you are breastfeeding or not. Fortunately, with the open breast shaper, you can provide light compression to gently lift and support your breasts. By choosing this special type of bra-garment you also benefit from the freedom of an open top part, which is highly convenient for both easy access in the instance that you are breastfeeding, as well as a visible enhancement for the look of your breasts.When searching for an open breast shaper make sure to select a form-fitting design that is supportive without the use of underwire or boning. A comforting Lycra interior and seamless exterior are optimal to provide you with the ultimate softness and are gentle on the skin. As with a waist cincher, a well fitted open breast shaper will also give you back support that is so vital when lifting and holding a newborn all day.

Choose Shapewear for Postpartum Support
As you consider the best shapewear for postpartum support after pregnancy, choose the best at In The Pink. We offer an extensive line of postpartum garments that are exclusively designed for new moms who want to regain their pre-pregnancy shape. Contact our reps at In The Pink to find out which postpartum shapewear will best suit your needs. We look forward to helping you regain your curvy figure and confidence after having your newborn.As you consider purchasing a garment for postpartum support after pregnancy, be confident in the fact that you are choosing from among the very best quality shapewear products at The Pink Room. We offer an extensive line of postpartum garments that are exclusively designed for new moms who want to regain their pre-pregnancy shape. Contact our reps at In The Pink Room to find out which postpartum shapewear will best suit your needs, and if you're in the area, please come by and you will be given the top quality service we pride ourselves on. We look forward to helping you regain your pre-pregnancy figure, posture, and confidence after having your newborn.

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