Who was that skinny b!tch that watched as the ball drop to ring in the New Year? 

No. She didn’t just watch the ball drop. She made the ball drop. Noisemakers fell and champagne bottles popped.   

Men turned away to pretend not to look. Their ladies did watch as they trembled and shook. 

She stepped in the room as confetti did fall, just as the New Year did enter for all. 

She walked in with her red dress or maybe it was blue. Perhaps it was burgundy with a purplish hue. 

They did not remember what color it was.  For what she had worn was not part of the buzz. 

She stirred up the party with all of her curves, making most women angry for rustling their nerves 

Her waist cinched in and her hips curved out.  Her body was perfect; was there ever a doubt? 

Wait a minute my friend, let us not speculate, assuming her figure is perfect to date. 

She can’t possibly eat any cookies or cake. She has to work out from the time she’s awake. 

But before you pass judgment, I want you to know 

There is a strong secret, she hides from her foe 

But yet I digress if she were to confess, she’d tell you what’s hidden beneath her snug dress. 

The secret she’d share is what you should wear, hidden under your clothing while you are still bare 

What is it you ask? I’m willing to share. 

If you remain quiet and don’t move a hair.

It’s shapewear of course, what else could it be? 

Waist cinchers, butt lifters, and more that you’ll see. 

So where can you find them? You’re dying to know 

I’ll give you the name of the place you should go 

A premium store that sells quality shapewear. 

So when you are out and if you should dare, 

Put on a snug dress or jeans you may snare, 

They will stop to look and probably stare 

Do not be alarmed. Just pretend you don’t care. 

The name of the store is The Pinkroom. 

 What is the Pinkroom? 

The Pinkroom is a shapewear company that offers a variety of shapewear and other compression garments for the most affordable prices online. Our staff is friendly and our products are the best on the market. There are hundreds of stores and sites that offer waist trainers; but it’s essential to know not all waist trainer merchants are created equal.  Here at the Pinkroom, our store stands out above the rest because we work with well-established overseas companies that are continually improving their products through experience and technology.   

Visit our New Jersey stores 

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