Valuable Information you Must know when having a Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery typically results in immediate weight loss and enables all of the cascading benefits to our health.  Proper follow through in conjunction with the procedure is important to achieving long lasting results. This includes permanent changes to your diet, which are made easier as the body is satisfied with less and more nutritious food, with nutrients absorbed more effectively than prior to surgery.  Changes in your body structure (losing significant weight, especially reduction in fat deposits) positively impact your overall physiology, with less strain placed on both the internal organs and musculoskeletal system. Naturally, the reduced burden on your body will allow you to more comfortably engage in expanded activities, from simply performing routine daily tasks, to rediscovering activities you loved and may have thought were forever out of your reach, further contributing to an overall improved quality of life.   

When starting the process of the bariatric surgery, it is well advised to take a comprehensive approach and consider all of the effects of such a procedure, particularly its impact on the skin, as the former supporting layer of fat that lies beneath the dermis will be reduced significantly.  Having a diet that is rich in healthy fats, high in potassium, remaining very well hydrated, exercising regularly, not smoking, nor drinking alcohol, should be adopted as your lifestyle after bariatric surgery to facilitate the most effective positive results for your skin, as well as overall health.  Adhering to a healthy regiment tremendously reduces the chances and high level of sagging skin. To get a better visual representation of what your skin experiences to the impact on losing fat at an accelerated pace after bariatric surgery, take a look at the picture below that illustrates normal skin before Bariatric Surgery and skin that is losing its underlying fat supporting layer After Bariatric Surgery.


Pre-Bariatric surgery Skin Post-Bariatric surgery Skin


What you can see is that capillaries (vascular tissue) and collagen fibers rely on the support from the Hypodermis.  The process of losing the fat support under the skin in a short period of time, plus the excessive pressure put on the skin,  contributes to the stretching and deterioration of the tissue. After bariatric surgery, wearing a compression garment really provides support to the skin from the outside that will be initially lost from accelerated fat reduction, until the body adjusts to its new, compacted shape.  This support also aids in the preservation of vascular tissue, and collagen fibres with the overall result of reducing  permanent damage and sagging of the layers of skin. 

That is why we highly recommended the wearing of our smart compression Bariatric garments right after having a bariatric surgery, to avoid a bigger damage to the skin that will be permanent. 

Remember! Wear our compression garment everyday until you lose the weight, consistency is a key to be successful.