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If you would like to purchase a garment before your surgery, let us know what type of procedure you will have and please TRUST US WITH YOUR MEASUREMENT, WE’RE CERTIFIED! We will carefully measure you and give you the proper size when considering your pending surgery. We have many different styles of garments that conform to the different surgical procedures. Although most customers think we should be giving a smaller size, the correct size is actually going to be the same size that you are before your surgery, as you will experience swelling and fluid retention after your procedure. Trust us – we’ve done this before….!

After you’ve had your procedure done and are ready to start wearing shapewear, be prepared to BE DISCIPLINED! If you’re going to use a garment to assist you in post-surgery recovery, wear it REGULARLY as instructed for at least six weeks. The more consistent you are in wearing your garment, the more effective the results. Again, we ask that you wear panties, leggings, or any type of covering underwear for sanitary reasons when trying on a garment. If you have recent scars from surgery, please make sure they are bandaged and covered. Don’t worry if you still have drains, they are typically removed not long after your procedure is done. You can always wear your garment with drains.

Why should you wear our post-operative compression Garments?

1- Decreases risk of infection
2- Protects surgical site and scar tissue
3- Helps prevent excessive buildup of fluids swelling
4- Reduces recovery time and risk of bruising and swelling
5- Reduces pain as helps to support/stabilize postoperative changes
6- Improves postoperative prognosis and enhances results of reconstruction
7- Reduces risk of post-surgical complications, thrombosis, seroma, and lymphedema.