Bridal Shapewear

What goes under your wedding dress is just as important as the dress itself. Without the right support your dress won’t look as flattering, or stay where it’s supposed to, and you might even run the risk of showing off a little more than you were hoping for.


These tips will help you get the most out of your shopping experience for that special day! Give yourself ample time to visit our store beforehand we can give you the fit and style that will best complement your beautiful wedding dress. We might need to make a special order for you, so come as soon as you pick out your wedding gown to start the process. If it’s not feasible to wear your gown to our store, try to bring a picture of both the front AND the back of your dress, as this will help us marry up (pun intended!) your gown to your garment! Please keep in mind that your garment may need to be customized by your bridal shop depending on the cut and style you will be wearing, thus all the more important reason to see us as soon as possible.

Try not to be in a rush! Shapewear is a very individualized product and to ensure we give you the proper product with the best fit we need to measure you and ask you some questions before you actually try on a garment. We have shapewear from over 34 different companies and each one runs differently. You may be a large in one company’s shapewear and a small in another. We measure you to ensure the best fit and our staff is trained to know what size will fit you according to your body type and garment manufacturer. Check our measurement chart on our website to give yourself a general idea of your size before you visit us.


We always encourage our customers to bring their dress to try on over their garment. That way, you can see immediately if the garment you are trying is giving you the results you are looking for. By seeing you in your dress or outerwear, we can offer the best garment that will complement the form and fit of your gown. If you are unable to bring your dress, at least try to bring a picture of it, that way we can get a better idea of what style garment will best fit your dress style.

You are always welcome to walk right in, but to avoid waiting in line, (our store gets very busy on Saturdays) we recommend that you schedule an appointment with us. Sounds crazy, but yes, we are that busy even with a full staff on some days! Our shapewear experts will be happy to answer all of your questions and will work with you to fulfilling your personal needs and goals!

If you have an upcoming event, visit us as far ahead of time as you can! You may need a special order and it may take up to several business days to procure what you need. We can obtain just about anything you need but we need time to place the order depending on its uniqueness.

Give our staff an idea of what you want to accomplish with your shapewear and what compression levels you will feel comfortable wearing. Feel free to try the different kinds of compression when you are at our store. Start with something comfortable and take baby steps to achieve your desired level of compression. For beginners, we always recommend our light to light-medium garments to allow your body to gradually become accustomed to compression. Starting out with high levels of compression will be uncomfortable and may discourage you in your shapewear journey! We have a very wide range of compression levels designed to suit your needs. 


To make shopping at our store the most pleasant experience for all our customers, please keep your hygiene in mind for both yourself and your fellow patrons. We ask that you please wear panties or leggings when you are planning on trying on our garments. Please come bathed and free of creams, body lotions, sprays, etc. It’s also easier to try on garments when your skin is in its natural state and not covered with any products!

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