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#2046 Blue Metallic Edition 3Hooks Latex Cincher Workout

2046 Blue Ann Chery Metallic Edition 3Hooks Women Latex Cincher Workout Waist Trainer
  • Get a Fabulous Waistline in your gym sessions instantly with an Ann Chery workout waist trainer! This is the 2016 Metallic Edition of our famous Amazon best-seller latex girdle Ann Chery ¨Deportiva 3 Hooks¨2023.
  • This latex workout waist trainer comfortably adjusts to your body and provides you with a high level of compression. The latex in this waist shaper is not exposed, is covered with a Metallic lining on the outside layer, and a Cotton lining on the inside that provides freshness and comfort and protects skin from latex.
  • This Ann Chery workout waist trainer comes with 3 Hook and eye levels to close the latex girdle with the compression that you want. This latex workout band increases thermal activity which makes it ideal for maximizing gym results.


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