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Ann Chery is a company with a history of 36 years in the market, focus on the production and marketing of girdles and control garments. Constantly innovating in the implementation of new technologies and materials to provide its customers with high quality products. We are the manufacturer of the Latex from its natural origin, incorporating this material in our garments, which has allowed us to position our products at the top of sales in this category. We have distribution stores around the world that allow us to reach different territories in an effective and reliable way.

#2046 Blue Metallic Edition 3Hooks Latex Cincher Workout

2046 Blue Ann Chery Metallic Edition 3Hooks Women Latex Cincher Workout Waist Trainer
  • Get a Fabulous Waistline in your gym sessions instantly with an Ann Chery workout waist trainer! This is the 2016 Metallic Edition of our famous Amazon best-seller latex girdle Ann Chery ¨Deportiva 3 Hooks¨2023.
  • This latex workout waist trainer comfortably adjusts to your body and provides you with a high level of compression. The latex in this waist shaper is not exposed, is covered with a Metallic lining on the outside layer, and a Cotton lining on the inside that provides freshness and comfort and protects skin from latex.
  • This Ann Chery workout waist trainer comes with 3 Hook and eye levels to close the latex girdle with the compression that you want. This latex workout band increases thermal activity which makes it ideal for maximizing gym results.


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