PROLAC-VIT - Hair Follicle Bio-activator and Protector 

Is a bio-activator and hair follicle protector that delays its natural aging. Its formula contains all natural ingredients that ensure the protection and nutrition of hair papilla and medulla. It provides organic material required for the normal growth of hair strands, improving their quality, shine and texture.

Use Daily: PM 

It is ideal for preserving the hair bulb during the course of chemotherapy and radiation treatments. It can also be used when the hair is too thin and fragile, weakened by vitamin, and trace elements deficiencies.

Instructions: You must apply directly to the scalp and not the hair shaft; the product must go directly to the root; tap gently with fingertips until fully absorbed

Ideal para mantener vivo el bulbo piloso, durante el curso de tratamientos con quimioterapia y radioterapia. Se puede emplear en la perdida del cabello natural o inducido.

Instrucciones: Se debe aplicar directamente sobre el cuero cabelludo y no sobre el tallo del cabello, el producto debe ir directamente a la raíz y hacer un suave masaje hasta que el producto penetre.

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