0710 Osmotic Fat-Burner Wrap

Osmotic Fat-Burner Wrap

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Product Description
  • Osmotic Plastic Total Body Wrap
  • Increases Body Temperature
  • Enhances Sweating to Aid in the Removal of Toxins
  • Easy to Use, Convenient, Disposable


  • Black


  • Osmotic Plastic Draws Perspiration away from the Skin
  • Increases Body Temperature; can be specially Targeted to Areas such as Limbs, Torso, Abdomen and Buttocks
  • Enhances Sweating to Aid in the Removal of Toxins and helps to improve the appearance of cellulite
  • Easy to Use, Convenient to carry and Disposal
  • Can be Worn inside the Sauna for Maximum results
  • Can be worn During Exercise
  • Effective as part of Post-Massage therapy to complement fat reduction sessions
  • Helps increase Circulation by keeping targeted areas warm

How To Wear It
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