How should I wash my shapewear?

The way to wash shapewear can vary depending on the type of material it's made of. Here are some general tips on how to wash shapewear:

Check the washing instructions: Before washing your shapewear, check if there are specific manufacturer's instructions. Some shapewear may have specific washing recommendations that you should follow to maintain its quality and durability.

Hand wash if possible: In general, it's better to hand wash shapewear instead of using a washing machine. This helps prevent wear and deformation of the garment. Fill a sink or container with lukewarm water and add a mild detergent.

Clean gently: Submerge the shapewear in the soapy water and clean it gently by rubbing it with your hands. Pay attention to areas where there may be a buildup of sweat or dirt, such as the waist area. Avoid rubbing or twisting the shapewear harshly, as this could damage its structure.

Rinse thoroughly: After cleaning the shapewear, rinse it carefully with clean water to remove all the soap. Make sure there are no detergent residues left, as they could irritate your skin or affect the elasticity of the material.

Proper drying: Do not use a dryer to dry shapewear, as the heat can damage it. Instead, gently remove excess water by pressing the garment with a clean towel. Then, let it air dry on a flat surface. Avoid direct exposure to intense sunlight, as this could fade the colors or deform the material.

Remember that these tips are general and may vary depending on the type of shapewear and the materials used. It's always advisable to follow the specific instructions provided by The Pink Room Shapewear.