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The entrance to our store in union is located on the southeast bound side of Morris Avenue (heading towards Elizabeth). Parking is available behind the building; you will see signs for "Municipal Parking Lot”. Parking is free and the time limit is two hours.
Please DO NOT park in the LIBRARY PARKING LOT, you will be ticketed if you are not a library patron. There is signage indicating which lot is for the library. In addition to the municipal parking lot behind our store, the following map illustrates other lots that offer public parking that are within a minute’s walk to our store.


Our philosophy is to give you the best value and shopping experience you can find in the shapewear market. We sell only quality products paired with complete customer attention from our experienced staff. We keep our pricing competitive, but our customer service is head and shoulders above all of our competition. You will find we have the largest selection of garments in the tristate area, with a vast offering of brands, styles and sizes that will meet your needs.


  • Have I ever worn a compression garment before?
  • If yes, what level of compression did I wear?
  • Why do I want to wear shapewear – is there a specific reason?
  • After plastic surgery
  • After weight loss surgery
  • After having a baby
  • Getting married
  • Attending an important occasion
  • Exercising at the gym
  • Dailywear
  • Do I just want to get the benefits of compression garments?
  • If so, what part of my body do I want to take care of?
  • Tummy - muffin top or lower belly
  • Waist
  • Legs
  • Back
  • Arms
  • Booty and hips


Try not to be in a rush! Shapewear is a very individualized product and to ensure we give you the proper product with the best fit we need to measure you and ask you some questions before you actually try on a garment. We have shapewear from over 34 different companies and each one runs differently. You may be a large in one company’s shapewear and a small in another. We measure you to ensure the best fit and our staff is trained and certified to know what size will fit you according to your body type and garment manufacturer.


We always encourage our customers to bring their dress to try on their garment. That way, you can see immediately if the garment you are trying is giving you the results you are looking for. By seeing you in your dress or outerwear, we can offer the best garment that will complement the form and fit of your clothing. If you are unable to bring your dress, at least try to bring a picture of it, that way we can get a better idea of what style of garment will best fit your dress style.


You are always welcome to walk right in, but to avoid waiting in line, (our store gets very busy on Saturdays) we recommend that you schedule an appointment with us. Sounds crazy, but yes, we are that busy even with a full staff on some days! Our shapewear experts will be happy to answer all of your questions and will work with you to fulfilling your personal needs and goals If you have an upcoming event, visit us as far ahead of time as you can! You may need a special order and it may take up to several business days to procure what you need. We can obtain just about anything you need but we need time to place the order depending on its uniqueness. A customer usually stays between 30-40 minutes in the store when getting their right compression garment.

Schedule your appointment here!


Give our staff an idea of what you want to accomplish with your shapewear and what compression levels you will feel comfortable wearing. Feel free to try the different kinds of compression when you are at our store. Start with something comfortable and take baby steps to achieve your desired level of compression. For beginners, we always recommend our light to medium compression garments to allow your body to gradually become accustomed to compression. Starting out with high levels of compression will be uncomfortable and may discourage you in your shapewear journey! We have a very wide range of compression levels designed to suit your needs, but here is a simplified overview to help give you an ideal of what shapewear is designed to achieve:

Light: Comfort + Smoothing up to 0.5 inches
Medium: Comfort + Supporting + Slimming up to 1 – 1.5 inches
High: Support + Defining + Shaping from 1.5 up to 4/5/6 inches


To make shopping at our store the most pleasant experience for all our customers, please keep your hygiene in mind for both yourself and your fellow patrons. We ask that you please wear panties or leggings when you are planning on trying on our garments. Please come bathed and free of creams, body lotions, sprays, etc. It’s also easier to try on garments when your skin is in its natural state and not covered with any products!


If you would like to purchase a garment before your surgery, let us know what type of procedure you will have and please TRUST US WITH YOUR MEASUREMENT, WE’RE CERTIFIED! We will carefully measure you and give you the proper size when considering your pending surgery. We have many different styles of garments that conform to the different surgical procedures. Although most customers think we should be giving a smaller size, the correct size is actually going to be the same size that you are before your surgery, as you will experience swelling and fluid retention after your procedure. Trust us – we’ve done this before….!

After you’ve had your procedure done and are ready to start wearing shapewear, be prepared to BE DISCIPLINED! If you’re going to use a garment to assist you in post-surgery recovery, wear it REGULARLY as instructed for at least six weeks. The more consistent you are in wearing your garment, the more effective the results. Again, we ask that you wear panties, leggings, or any type of covering underwear for sanitary reasons when trying on a garment. If you have recent scars from surgery, please make sure they are bandaged and covered. Don’t worry if you still have drains, they are typically removed not long after your procedure is done. You can always wear your garment with drains.


  • Decreases risk of infection
  • Protects surgical site and scar tissue
  • Helps prevent excessive buildup of fluids swelling
  • Reduces recovery time and risk of bruising and swelling
  • Reduces pain as helps to support/stabilize postoperative changes
  • Improves postoperative prognosis and enhances results of reconstruction
  • Reduces risk of post-surgical complications, thrombosis, seroma, and lymphedema
  • Increases and improves circulation
  • Improves mobility and posture
  • If you have the following conditions, please let us know: Circulatory problems Diabetes High blood pressure Older than 62 years old


If you are here, Congratulations! We are very happy for you. You made it! If you underwent a Cesarean section you must wait at least one week after your surgery to start wearing a garment. ALWAYS consult with your Doctor if you have any type of natal surgery to ensure you are able to safely wear shapewear. Medium compression works best for our postpartum clientele, as it offers the right amount of support that is effective, yet allows your body to re-adjust to its pre-natal condition. The style we recommend for our post pregnancy clients are "hipsters', which extend slightly below the hips over the upper thighs. This style gives you more uniform compression where you need it most after your pregnancy, in the complete lower torso area.


  • Support the abdominal wall and help to retract it when wearing our compression garment.
  • Helps excessive buildup of retention of fluids/ swelling after having a baby
  • Reduces recovery time for postpartum
  • Reduces back and hip pain as it helps to support/stabilize
  • Decreases risk of infection after C- section in case of it
  • Reduces risk of post-surgical complications, thrombosis and seroma
  • Increases and improves circulation<
  • Improves mobility and posture


Give yourself ample time to visit our store. Beforehand we can give you the fit and style that will best complement your beautiful wedding dress. We might need to make a special order for you, so come as soon as you pick out your wedding gown to start the process. If it’s not feasible to wear your gown to our store, try to bring a picture of both the front and the back of your dress, as this will help us marry up (pun intended!) your gown to your garment! Please keep in mind that your garment may need to be customized by your bridal shop depending on the cut and style you will be wearing, thus all the more important reasons to see us as soon as possible.


We have a wide variety of shapewear for both men and women designed to complement an active lifestyle. Active shapewear can give you added support while you engage in physical activities, such as weight training, running, or even just working around the yard! Our garments have a special balance of form and function that contour to your body and allow you to move freely while at the same time giving you effective support.

  • Torso garments assist you in maintaining good posture while exercising, which helps to flatten that tummy while supporting the lower back.
  • Shapewear with leggings and sleeves give support to sensitive knee and elbow joints, which helps reduce the risk of injury.

All of our garments are made from high end fabrics and are designed to withstand the rigors of physical movement, lasting longer than many of the lower quality shapewear brands you may see in the big box stores.
If you do decide to wear shapewear while exercising, we strongly recommend you open and allow your garment to dry immediately after a workout. You should also hand wash your garment regularly to keep it fresh, but you should never put your garment in the dryer as this will damage the fabric; line dry only please! Also, having at least two garments allows you to wear alternate ones so that they can dry out thoroughly between exercise routines. Waist bands can be worn for Cardio activities and lift-weight but NEVER for crunches because it can hurt your back.


Bariatric surgery typically results in immediate weight loss and enables all of the cascading benefits to our health. Proper follow through in conjunction with the procedure is important to achieving long lasting results. This includes permanent changes to your diet, which are made easier as the body is satisfied with less and more nutritious food, with nutrients absorbed more effectively than prior to surgery. Changes in your body structure (losing significant weight, especially reduction in fat deposits) positively impact your overall physiology, with less strain placed on both the internal organs and musculoskeletal system. Naturally, the reduced burden on your body will allow you to more comfortably engage in expanded activities, from simply performing routine daily tasks, to rediscovering activities you loved and may have thought were forever out of your reach, further contributing to an overall improved quality of life.

When starting the process of the bariatric surgery, it is well advised to take a comprehensive approach and consider all of the effects of such a procedure, particularly its impact on the skin, as the former supporting layer of fat that lies beneath the dermis will be reduced significantly. Having a diet that is rich in healthy fats, high in potassium, remaining very well hydrated, exercising regularly, not smoking, nor drinking alcohol, should be adopted as your lifestyle after bariatric surgery to facilitate the most effective positive results for your skin, as well as overall health. Adhering to a healthy regiment tremendously reduces the chances and high level of sagging skin. To get a better visual representation of what your skin experiences to the impact on losing fat at an accelerated pace after bariatric surgery, take a look at the picture above that illustrates normal skin before Bariatric Surgery and skin that is losing its underlying fat supporting layer After Bariatric Surgery. What you can see is that capillaries (vascular tissue) and collagen fibers rely on the support from the Hypodermis. The process of losing the fat support under the skin in a short period of time, plus the excessive pressure put on the skin, contributes to the stretching and deterioration of the tissue. After bariatric surgery, wearing a compression garment really provides support to the skin from the outside that will be initially lost from accelerated fat reduction, until the body adjusts to its new, compacted shape. This support also aids in the preservation of vascular tissue, and collagen fibers with the overall result of reducing permanent damage and sagging of the layers of skin.
That is why we highly recommended the wearing of our smart compression Bariatric garments right after having a bariatric surgery, to avoid a bigger damage to the skin that will be permanent.

Remember! Wear our compression garment everyday until you lose the weight, consistency is a key to be successful.


  • They want to workout and burn calories in a faster way
  • They are recovering from a surgery
  • They need back or tummy support
  • They want to look slim and slender
  • They want to enjoy the benefits of compression and improve circulation
  • They need support for back pain or hernias


Chronic Back pain is no laughing matter!! Especially when it reduces the quality of life, and it becomes an unmanageable situation that affects your daily functioning.
A healthy back supports your torso, which is why body alignment matters. A lack of posture support or poor alignment is where the pain starts and after time of use and abuse, our backs will suffer, and chronic pain will follow. A misaligned back causes overworked muscles, and the vertebrae will experience stress taking up into serious conditions such as pinched nerves and physical deformities. “The curve” from your shoulders to the small of your back is what absorbs shock, and that curve helps to hold up your torso giving support to the lumbar region. That’s why support for the lumbar area stops the pain, eliminates misalignment of the spine, and nerve problems.

How to Reduce Back Pain?
Fortunately, developments in the medical field are evolving to reduce the problems and pain a person can face through the use of compression wear. Even and consistent pressure on your muscles and spine help reduce back pain, and that is why a compression garment for your back is so important. Structural support helps reduce the risk of injury due to poor posture. That is why posture is very important when you are young. Wearing a compression vest will prevent injuries or posture problems as it will keep your shoulders back, and maintain spine curvature. That's the way our compression vest assists reducing back pain. This Vets is specially designed and crafted with intelligent fabrics that give you support. The cushion in the shoulders make it so comfortable and easy to wear. Just make sure that the compression garment for back support feels like a tight hug in your torso and dorsal area.