Maria Cecilia Sparacio, the founder of The Pink Room Shapewear (Family business), hails from Cali, Colombia. After studying law and working as a bank manager in Bogota, Colombia, Maria arrived in the United States in 2001. Initially planning for a temporary stay to improve her English skills on a student visa, she was captivated by the opportunities this country had to offer, leading her to pursue the American dream.

Maria worked various jobs with the ultimate goal of establishing her own business and creating opportunities for others. Inspired by her father's success as an entrepreneur and business owner in Colombia, Maria's determination and vision drove her to open the first location of The Pink Room, Inc. on Morris Avenue in Elizabeth NJ on May 5th, 2008. 
The early years of the business required immense sacrifice and perseverance, especially during one of the most challenging economic periods in US history. However, Maria remained steadfast, firmly believing in her ability to help women enhance their self-esteem. This conviction was fueled by her personal experience of witnessing her mother's struggles to maintain a healthy weight.

Maria remarked, "I always felt that I could assist my mother in managing her weight fluctuations and achieving the well-being she deserved. And that sentiment extends to every woman who visits my store. We are not simply selling products; we are empowering individuals to overcome obstacles and lead happier, healthier lives."

At The Pink Room, we understand that our business carries a greater responsibility of making the world a better place. We remain committed to our values, emphasizing exceptional customer service and treating people with respect and compassion during their purchasing experience.

We have garnered recognition for our unwavering dedication to our customers. Our personalized service caters to the unique needs of each individual, as reflected in our exceptional customer reviews. We are renowned for our extensive selection of compression garments and shapewear, offering varying levels of compression, from light to medium to high.