Now there’s even more of a reason to drink wine. It turns out a Harvard University study revealed drinking 2 glasses of red wine in the evening before bed can actually help you lose weight.

The science behind this has to do with a micronutrient found in wine called polyphenol. What is a polyphenol? You ask.  Well, a polyphenol or polyphenols is described as a class of chemical compounds, high in antioxidants and loaded with potential health benefits.  They can be found in plants and plant-based foods or drinks such as wine.  Both red and white wine have polyphenols; however, red wine has significantly more.  

So now that you know the health benefits of polyphenols you may be wondering “how do these suckers work with wine to help me lose weight?”

And of course I’m going to tell you (after all isn’t that why you clicked on this article?)

You see, polyphenols have a compound in them called resveratrol which does something pretty incredible.  It takes the “white fat” and turns it into “beige fat” –which is much easier to burn off.  

The same Harvard study revealed that women who drank 2 glasses of wine a day (and no more than that) actually had a 70% less chance of being overweight then their peers who drank no alcohol.

Keep in mind the best time of day to reap these benefits is usually later on in the day, since sipping on a late-night glass of wine could also help to curb “late night” snacking.  

But don’t throw away your treadmill just yet. You see, while drinking wine may very well offer some awesome benefits in losing weight, we cannot dismiss the fact that wine is packed with calories which may need to be burned off by way of exercise.

As an alternative to all of the calories wine brings, you can always get a natural source of reveratrol from fruit such as blueberries, grapes and strawberries.

After all, being conscious about what you eat and drink is certainly an intelligent way for anyone to lose weight.  And if you’re looking to shed pounds even quicker, keep in mind that wearing a shapewear garment throughout the day, such as a waist trainer can be one of the quickest and most effective ways for you to achieve your weight loss goals.

So go ahead…

Have those 2 glasses of wine in the evening but don’t forget to wear your waist trainer while doing it.

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