Best Post-partum Recovery Tips!

Welcome to Motherhood! If you are a mother or a mother to be, this article is for you! Motherhood is a beautiful stage that changes peoples' lives before and after the baby. Now, the top priority is your baby! And all you think about is protecting and loving your child. Most women are "prepared" and equipped for sleepless nights, feedings and diaper changes, but most of them forget about their post-partum recovery. We all know motherhood can be exhausting, but we all also know that the recovery process is vital to be physical and mentally healthy. You should take proper care of yourself to take care of your baby! So please take note to some helpful tips to ease your post-partum recovery:

  • If you went through a C-section, apply a special cream to take care of the scars. Remember to keep the scar clean and avoid wearing cotton garments. Special post-partum garments are made of cool-Lycra lining to keep the scars fresh, breathable and clean. 
  • Give the support the body needs with the use of compression garments. Remember that the back and midsection area need support after carrying such a weight during pregnancy. Post-partum garments Should feel comfortable and soft.
  • Include in your diet: Choline-high foods that help to support memory and cognition, Iron-rich foods essential for maintaining healthy blood and energy levels. Foods that contain Zinc and of course, Protein which is important for tissue repair, immune response, healing and breastfeeding. Keep in mind that postpartum nutrition plays an important role in supporting cognitive health during the postpartum period in addition to physical recovery. 

Happy & Healthy Mommy!

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