Fajas Melibelt

FAJAS MELIBELT is a specialized Colombian company in the production and marketing of control girdles and body shapers for daily use that enhances the natural beauty of women's and men’s bodies. We design products with the highest quality and technology standards, ensuring comfort in each one of our garments; we care about fulfill our customers’ needs through our continuous improvement. Melibelt works with pleasure thinking about you.


Our Colombian shapewear, girdles, and body shapers have more than 75 nutrients including minerals, amino acids and vitamins that soften and hydrate the skin, providing special skin care and preserving the fabric initial properties. Our Powernet used for manufacturing the garments differs from other fabrics since it has an excellent recovery. The Nylon it is composed of, is a synthetic fiber being softer for the skin and adapts widely to any type of climate. These fabrics are designed to create a body shaping effect thanks to the compression exerted on the body highlighting the figure while still providing flexibility, and maximum comfort at the time of donning and wearing it.



Bust stabilizing band
- Front Velcro closure
- This post-surgery breast band is ideal to obtain natural aesthetic results 

- Offers great control and fits to the bust outline


- Prevents your breast implants to move towards the upper part of the chest.


- Comfortable stabilizing breast compression band that's easy to wear


- Essential for breast augmentation surgery

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